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With the leaves changing and evenings growing dark and frosty, autumn is slowly settling in. April and May are great times to start enjoying the festivities of the season. Whether you’re living in lifestyle retirement or at home with family, Autumn is the perfect time to enjoy some seasonal comforts. If you find yourself wondering what to do this Autumn, read our list of the top 6 activities to enjoy and start having the cosiest Autumn ever!

1. Autumn Colours

Can you see vibrant Autumn leaves in your garden? Take a short walk and enjoy the reds, browns, and yellows of nature this season. If you’re in The Bay of Plenty region and looking for fun activities to do in Tauranga, visit a local park such as Te Puna Quarry or McLarens Fall Park. You’ll feel Autumn in the air. As you watch the leaves changing colour, appreciate the festive season.

2. Hot Drinks

Whether you love black tea, herb tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or mulled wine, all hot drinks taste better when it’s cold outside. Which drinks will warm you up this Autumn? Make sure you have your favourites on hand, so you can sit down with a good book, a blanket, and your favourite cup of steaming brew and pass crisp afternoons happily from the comfort of your living room.

3. Cosy Clothes

One of the best things about Autumn is the chance to wear comfy layers again! While hot summer days make anything more than a T-shirt and shorts unbearable, Autumn is the perfect time to start layering up. If you love fashion, then chilly, autumn breezes will give you an excellent opportunity to accessorise with scarves, beanies, boots, and jackets! So, make your Autumn special and stay warm and cosy in your comfiest and finest clothes and blankets.

4. Knitting

Speaking of warm clothes and scarves, Autumn is also the perfect time to start knitting and making your own scarves and hats to wear throughout the colder seasons! You don’t need to know how to knit already, simply search for useful tutorials online, and follow along. Choose your favourite colours and sit down with a movie or an audiobook and get cracking. You could even make cute little hats with bobbles for your grandkids!

5. Watch Nostalgic Movies

What better time to sit down and enjoy memories of years gone than in Autumn, the season of appreciating age, rebirth, and change! When cold or rainy days are keeping you inside this Autumn, watch nostalgic movies and reflect on good times with loved ones. You could even set up a skype date with friends or family and watch something together! Excellent nostalgic movies include It’s a Wonderful Life, Whale Rider, Good Morning Vietnam, Groundhog Day, or even Harry Potter if you watched that with your grandchildren. Just remember to sit down, relax, and choose the movies you love.

6. Make Soups

Besides hot drinks, there’s nothing quite like comforting, hot soups to fill you up with warmth in cold weather. Healthy soups with vegetables, herbs, and spices can be just the delicious thing you need to boost your immune system this winter as well. Enjoy the goodness of wholesome chicken noodle soup, pumpkin soup, potato and leek soup, lentil soup, tomato basil soup, and pot chilli! There are so many recipes out there, you could make a different soup for every day of the month! (There might be such a thing as too much soup, though there’s only one way to find out!).

Share the Festivities

How are you going to spend your Autumn months? Remember to stay warm and keep healthy as the season changes, and if you’re feeling lonely, make sure to call your loved ones and have a chat together. Perhaps they are feeling lonely too.

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