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As an active senior who loves to take part in activities that promote a healthier lifestyle, a standard retirement plan in a small, solo apartment won’t do. It’s a good thing that lifestyle villages exist—they offer several benefits that contribute to a happy retirement. Lifestyle villages are the ideal environment for individuals who do not require full time medical support and who are keen to maintain an independent and vigorous lifestyle within a wonderful retirement community.

Let’s run through the benefits of living in an environment such as the one here at The Vines at Bethlehem, one of the best luxury retirement homes in NZ that offers only the finest in retirement lifestyle.

Property upkeep

Living in a luxury lifestyle village such as The Vines at Bethlehem means you don’t have to worry about property maintenance and repairs that most traditional homeowners deal with. The Vines at Bethlehem makes sure that property upkeep is no longer your concern. From retaining the scenic vineyard setting to the landscaping of the beautiful surrounds, the staff does the job for you. This, in turn, gives you the liberty to relax and take pleasure in leisurely pursuits.

Safety and security

One of the main perks of living in an independent retirement village is you get to live in a peaceful neighbourhood where you can get to know all of your neighbours and feel safe walking around the streets. A gated community such as The Vines is one of the most secure places you can possibly live.

More than just safety, you can live freely knowing that the village can attend to your needs whenever you call, because there are readily available facilities and services offered onsite. This kind of environment gives you the peace of mind you need for independent living. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy your time in a safe and secure community that will make you feel like you’re on vacation every day.

An active lifestyle

As seniors, it’s more important than ever to maintain an active lifestyle to support your overall health and happiness.

Unlimited access to facilities that support your lifestyle will never be a problem at The Vines. As a lifestyle village that promotes active living, we ensure residents easy access to quality facilities and activities that caters to your needs. Whatever your interest is, we allow you to get your bodies and minds moving and enable you to take advantage of fitness centres to improve your endurance, flexibility, and strength in your own schedule.

A lively social environment

Great physical activity would not be complete without social interaction. At the Vines, you get to meet like-minded people with a common goal to achieve physical, social, and cognitive wellness. When you live in the Vines, you become a part of a friendly community with other seniors who can give you the social interaction, companionship, and emotional support you need. Whether you need a gym buddy, a co-volunteer, a movie night partner or a friend, The Vines at Bethlehem opens up the opportunity for you to start great conversations and build rewarding relationships.

Live the Vines Lifestyle

Gain access to all of these perks and more with The Vines at Bethlehem. We offer you a lifestyle village with retirement villas designed with care and quality. Live amongst a supportive community that gives you freedom, independence, and an active lifestyle, all within the beautiful grounds of Tauranga. Live your best life and feel at home at The Vines. Register your interest and book an appointment today!