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Bethlehem, is a real hub of Tauranga and one of the best places to live when it comes to retirement villages in NZ.

But what makes it so great? Read on to find out.

All the Shops You Need

Bethlehem town is all nicely compacted together. The Bethlehem shopping centre is just a short walk down the road from The Vines, and has a lovely outdoor setting. There are over 40 stores in the shopping centre selling everything from fashion and beauty, to home and living, and everything in between. You’ll even find a Countdown supermarket and a Kmart within the shopping centre. All these options, just a short walk up the road!

For those of you who have gotten worried that this sounds like Bethlehem is all just another commercial blockade of shops, don’t be deceived! The shopping district is beautifully cobblestoned and the streets are lined with lush foliage. The town centre is a beautiful area as a whole and you can enjoy scenic walks among the locally owned shops. There’s even a children’s playground for when the young’ins come to visit.

Medical care is never far away

We know everyone wants to think they’ve still got as much bounce in their step as they did in their twenties, but getting to retirement age doesn’t come without all sorts of hiccups along the way. To get you through anything that life decides to throw at you during your time at The Vines, there are a number of medical centres located close to the village.

Tauranga Medical Centre is within walking distance across the road from the Shopping Centre (we weren’t kidding when we said Bethlehem was compact), so you’ll never be far from doctors, physios and chemists.

Top Cuisines

The local dining ‘scene’ in Bethlehem is of a real stand out quality. Whether you’re going for a morning coffee, a special occasion meal, or simply don’t feel like cooking dinner, you’ll never be far from a whole range of eateries, cafés, restaurants and takeaways on offer. Our top picks include Somerset Cottage which offers some of the best fine dining in all of Tauranga, as well as Café Botanix.

Plenty of Places to Take the Grandkids

You’ll never be stuck for ideas to have a top-quality family outing when the grandkids come to visit Bethlehem. For an activity you’ll both enjoy, there are Hot Pools, Mini Golf, Ten Pin Bowling, all the classics.

A short drive to Mount Maunganui is absolutely full of things to do all summer long, and the beach is a really wonderful destination. A little closer to home you’ve got Te Puna Quarry Park, which offers an exciting family stroll and often hosts some great events!

Never Far from Nature

The unique thing about Bethlehem is that it still shows all the signs of its recent rural history. Right out your back doorstep are some beautiful nature walks across vineyards and among rural Tauranga. A little further away, you’ve got Gordon Charmichael Reserve, Daisy Hardwick, and of course, the walk up Mount Maunganui itself if you’re fit and up for the challenge.

Sense of Community

By far, the best thing about Bethlehem is the wonderful sense of community it offers. Everyone who lives there is among the nicest people in New Zealand, in our opinion. There will always be someone ready to help you out if you need a hand, or to have a morning chat. It’s the kind of place where everybody waves as they pass you on the street. This kind of community feeling really makes Bethlehem stand out, as it’s the kind of wholesome goodness that you don’t often find often.

Retire in Beautiful Bethlehem

Bethlehem has several blessings of its own to make it a really wonderful place to live. If you’re looking at retirement homes in Tauranga, and think a place like Bethlehem could be for you, why not get in touch with us about living at The Vines today?