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When you’re a kid, almost nothing is as exciting as opening a present. Christmas, with its theatrical accumulation of a mound of presents underneath a real, live, tree in your own house is basically unbeatable as far as a child’s idea of fun goes. Naturally, as we all get older, Christmas loses that fever-pitch level of excitement. However, we also begin to appreciate how rare it is to get all of your loved ones together at the same time and place without anything else to do, so Christmas remains a favoured holiday. Of course, it’s still nice to get presents and feel like you’ve been thought of. But what do you gift someone who already has everything they need?

This is particularly a problem when buying for our older loved ones. Someone who’s lived a lifetime has had a pretty good chance to get the things they need and want, so what could you possibly give them? Never fear, for here are some great ideas for this very situation.

Gift something personal

The first idea is to make something handmade or personal to your relationship with the giftee. As most people get older, we tend to value relationships, memories, and experiences over material possessions. So, a gift that you made yourself can mean a lot more than anything you can buy in a shop, and it’s totally unique to boot. A great idea, particularly for older relatives, is to compile a set of family photos and get them professionally bound into an album. Your relative will love being reminded of all the great memories associated with the photos, and this can be a treasured possession for years to come.

Another idea is to use your particular talents or skills to craft a personal gift. Paint a picture, record a song, knit a scarf, or make some jewellery. Whatever your medium, you’re creating something totally unique that has personal value to your giftee. This kind of value is worth more to someone who has it all than more store-bought nonsense. Don’t worry if you’re not particularly good at what you’re doing, either. It really is the thought that counts in these situations.

Buy an experience

For someone with a lot of things, more stuff will just add to the clutter. But you can still buy them something that doesn’t take up any space at all: an experience. This could be something for them to enjoy, such as a subscription to an audiobook service or a voucher for accommodation to take a holiday. Or, you could go for something a bit more out there, such as an ancestry service.

If the person you’re buying for also has all of the subscriptions and services they could possibly want, there are several companies that allow you to donate to a charity on someone’s behalf. The person receiving the gift can then track their gift—be it a well or a donkey for a village somewhere, or contributions to an eco-sanctuary —and check the charity’s progress. This is a great idea if your giftee really needs nothing, since you are essentially gifting them the gift of giving.

Just make sure the experience you’re getting for someone suits their abilities, particularly if they’re older. Someone living out a lifestyle retirement might not be too keen to go skydiving. Or maybe they are – you make the call!

Spend time with them

The simplest option is to simply focus on what’s really important at Christmas: spending time with your loved ones. For someone who’s got it all, presents are the least important part of the holiday. As long as you spend time with them, share meals and stories, and enjoy each other’s company, the gift won’t matter.

You may not even have to get them a gift at all! If someone genuinely tells you not to buy them anything, it can be a good idea to follow through with that. This applies to our elderly family and friends, most of all. The best gift you can give them is to gather the family together. The perspective gained in the later years of life makes gifts and presents seem less and less relevant, but the bonds of the family only get stronger.

Make a gift of the ultimate lifestyle village

If you have a family member who is looking to move to a retirement village, the best gift you can give them is making sure they choose right. The Vines at Bethlehem is a desirable retirement village in Tauranga. Located on the old Mills Reef winery premise, the Vines offers the ultimate lifestyle for retired folks seeking the perfect mix of sun, sand, and culture. And who knows, maybe your whole family will end up spending some time there over Christmas some time. To find out more, contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.