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It’s only natural to want to give your aging parents the best retirement possible— one in which they can make use of their free time to relax, enjoy their hobbies, and live their best lives as independently as possible. Retirement homes allow you to take care of your parents’ needs while having the freedom to live your own life, so choosing one that best fits their lifestyle is an important decision. When you have family members retiring to New Zealand, remember to ask these top questions to help you determine the perfect home for your family!

Where is it located?

Location plays a large part in determining the perfect new home for your elderly loved ones. As they grow old, seniors will naturally want a change of scenery and opt for a place where they can fully relax amongst peaceful surroundings. When choosing a home, making sure that it’s located near things that they are interested in, like walks or golf courses, is ideal. A superb location is one that boasts of picturesque surroundings while also being close to restaurants, malls, and other leisurely pursuits.

What are the facilities?

Choosing your loved ones’ home also means choosing how they are going to live out the rest of their retirement days. Look into the facilities a given retirement village offers and decipher whether these facilities help add value to the lives of your family members. This may be in the form of sports, board games, or movie screenings, but no matter what facilities they offer, a retirement home should have the options to sustain your loved one’s health, nurture their creativity, and support their interests.

How are the dwellings or villas designed?

Villas should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but they must also cater to the basic needs of your family so they can live confidently, and as independently as possible. Dwellings that are thoughtfully designed to make the lives of retirees easier is a great indication of quality retirement living. Choose homes that are designed with care, and which promotes independence by offering security and modern comfort.

What is the community like?

It’s also important to consider the type of community you want your elderly parents to be in. As they age, you’ll want them to settle in a community that allows them to be freely themselves amongst like-minded peers who they can share engaging conversations with.

 A place to call home at the Vines

Retirement at The Vines Bethlehem can be one of the best gifts you can give your parents. Established with a gold class lifestyle in mind, the Vines at Bethlehem is easily one of the best retirement villages in NZ.  Offering fantastic amenities and facilities suitable for active retirees, all within a gorgeous setting, The Vines at Bethlehem is the perfect place to call home.

Experience The Vines at Bethlehem yourself! Our showhome is open weekdays, so you can get a real feel of what it’s like to live here. Register your interest today!