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Keeping physically and mentally active is important for all ages, but studies show this is especially true for senior men. This is because senior men have been found to experience particularly high mental and emotional stress from aging. Luckily there are some fun and easy ways seniors can minimise this stress! Whether they live with family or in retirement lifestyle villages, there are plenty of ways to keep physically and mentally active. Read on to learn more.

The Importance of Maintaining Hobbies for Senior Men

No matter your age, the benefits of keeping active—both physically and mentally—are significant. Maintaining regular hobbies that challenge and strengthen our bodies and minds is the best thing we can do for ourselves as we age.

Statistical evidence shows us that, in general, men in later life have a harder time pursuing and maintaining hobbies. Research also shows that there is a higher chance of emotional stress and depression for men than for women of the same age. The best way for senior men to combat this is to stay active physically and mentally.

Hobbies to Promote Mental Health

The great news is, no matter your age, it’s never too late to reap the benefits of actively strengthening your mental and emotional wellbeing! By implementing new hobbies that engage the mind, you can preserve and boost mental fortitude and sharpness. Doing this will also increase your clarity of mind and ability to focus.

Some excellent activities and ideas to consider include:

  1. Aim to learn one new thing a day
  2. Read regularly
  3. Play board games (with friends, family, and grandchildren)
  4. Learn a new language
  5. Join a club – chess club, pottery or bird watching are all great choices
  6. Try to do a daily puzzle such as a Sudoku or Crossword
  7. Spend time visiting historical sites and studying history
  8. Engage others in philosophical conversation
  9. Play online games that engage the mind
  10. Learn about the internet and social media


Hobbies can be both independent and social. Because everyone’s interests are different, it is important to choose activities that you enjoy personally.

Physical Activity for Senior Men

Keeping physically fit and healthy is important for everyone no matter your age or gender. However, it is even more important to maintain regular exercise in your senior years. This is because our organs, tissues, and cells all experience changes as we age. Our bodies become more prone to stiffness, our cells change, and cell reproduction slows down. Because of this, the time it takes for injuries to heal also increases. This is one of the main reasons why maintaining fitness is so important. We need to keep our muscles strong, our limbs mobile, and prevent injury. Fitness is the key to life!

A few healthy physical activities to consider:

  1. Performing stretches throughout the day – this is a good start for everyone
  2. Walking – around the neighbourhood, senior-friendly nature trails, or accessible museums. If you have a dog, he’d love to take you for a walk!
  3. Bird watching & photography – You can do these two together while walking nature trails. You’ll be upscaling two skills at once while staying physically active!
  4. Sports – Certain sports are great activities for all ages. Golfing and playing tennis will get you outdoors and enjoying the sunshine, while all three are great for socialising with your peers. Golf, bowling, and tennis are all great choices.
  5. Gardening
  6. Yoga – yes, there are yoga classes appropriate for all ages and experience levels! It’s a great way to stay strong and flexible.
  7. Take an exercise class
  8. Learn to dance

You will benefit most from a hobby you enjoy doing, so remember to choose activities that are in line with your interests or that you’re curious about! It’s easier to maintain activities long-term when you’re having fun.

One Step at a Time

Remember there will always be ups and downs when starting something new. Start slow and pace yourself. Endurance and skill will improve with time. If you’re not sure where to start, why not try out one or a few of these to gain some perspective? You can also ask friends if they want to start an activity with you.

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